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60th Birthday Cake
My dad turned 60 this year, so I really wanted to make him a birthday cake! He really likes 2CV cars and playing cards with his friends, so I combined them for the theme of the cake.

Biscoff Chocolate Cake
I made this cake for my birthday! It is a bit late… but good things take time right? 😉

Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake
I made this cake for my colleagues to celebrate my birthday at work.

Sweet 16 Cake
Happy Birthday Bo!!! I hope that besides the lockdown you still have a nice birthday! My teacher asked me to make a cake for her daughters sweet 16.

21st Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday to my sister in law’s boyfriend!!!! He turns 21 today 🥳 
So my sister in law asked me to make his cake, and of course, I said yes, even if I didn’t really have the time haha XD

Partnership Cake
My sister and her boyfriend are registered partners now, Congratulations!! And of course I wanted to make her cake!

Rainbow Cake
To be honest… XD This was my second birthday cake this year haha. My family came a week later than the party I threw for my friends. So it is probably no surprise that I made another cake haha of course!!

Buttercream Watercolour and Dripcake
I wanted to try 2 techniques in one, watercolour with buttercream and the chocolate drip cake trend. For the watercolour part I think I did pretty well for a first time. But the chocolate drip was more difficult than I thought… XD

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