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Oreo Cupcakes
I made these cupcakes to celebrate my birthday at work. My coleages really liked them 😊 They were also realy fun and easy to make!

Love Cupcakes
I made these cupcakes for a registered partnership celebration. They wanted vanilla and berry-flavoured cupcakes, which is a really nice and tasty combo!

Pear Cupcakes
A friend of mine wanted quince-themed cupcakes for her party. But for the flavour, she just wanted normal pear. So I ran with the idea and we came up with these cupcakes.

Mojito Cupcakes
We had some friends over so I thought let’s bake something. And just when I was thinking of what to actually bake, CupcakeJemma came out with a Mojito cupcake recipe! 

New Year Cupcakes
Happy New Year everyone!!!! This year I wanted to bake something for the new year. I actually never done that so I didn’t really know what to make. But I thought it would be funny to make a clock.

Christmas Cupcakes
Merry Christams everyone!! I wanted to bake some cupcakes for Christmas agian 😀 But didn’t want to make the same as last year.

Merry Christmas!
This is a Christmas spiced cupcake, I made it for family. They wanted to have a lunch where everyone could bring what they liked. And let me tell you there was soooooo much fooooodhaha but all so delicious!

Biscoff cupcakes
I promised my boss I would bring cupcakes to work today. I also did so last week, but she forgot to eat them… So there was only one way to fix this problem, and that was to make more cupcakes!!

Strawberry Cupcakes
I wanted to bake something with strawberry’s, then I saw this recipe from CupcakeJemma and I really wanted to try it. So i did 😀 And this was the result.

Flower Cupcakes
I got some texture mats and cups specially made to form flowers in. And I wanted to try them out. This was the result 😀 I learned that fondant takes a very long time to dry out haha. At that time I didn’t know that there were multiple kinds of fondant haha

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