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Stack of Books Cake
I made these books for a combined birthday party. They are colleagues in a school, so the titles are school-related.

Prison Cake
I made a prison cake! That’s something you don’t hear every day haha XD I made this as a birthday cake, which was super fun and something different for sure! 

Harry Potter Unicorn Cake
It’s my birthday!!! Yes I’m that only 20+ year old still excited for her birthday haha. So I wanted to make myself a birthday cake, and since I’m such a Potterhead I really wanted to make somehting Harry Potter themed. 

Stormtrooper Cake
Happy birthday to Jan!! I made this cake for my boss her boyfriend. Who really likes Star Wars so of course it is a Stormtrooper helmet!

Stitch Cake
I made this cake for my sisters birthday. She really likes Stitch! And a week before her birthday I thought why not make a cake for her. This is finally an opportunity to bake a cake again xD

Pummel Einhorn cake
This was my birthday cake! I love Pummel Einhorn so much that I wanted to make it into a cake <3

R2D2 Cake
Happy birthday to my boyfriend! We both are big fans of Star Wars, so naturaly I had to make him a R2D2 cake. It was so much fun to make! This is actualy my first caractor cake, I think that for a first time I did quite well, if I may say so myself haha.

Big slice of cake
Yes… It is just a big slice of cake XD I mean for a birthday you just want a big cake right? So I made this one for my own birthday, it took some skills but I think I came there in the end.

Watermelon Cake
In the summer there is nothing nicer than a big cold slice of watermelon. Although, if you cut a slice of this watermelon it is not that cold haha.

Motherboard Cake
Happy birthday to my boyfriend! He really likes computers, he games like a lot XD But he also really likes to build pc‘s himself. I have the Nerdy Nummies cookbook, and this motherboard cake was in there so I really wanted to make it for him.

Cassette Mini Cakes
So I really wanted to bake something, but there wasn’t an occasion as well as people to eat it. So I thought never mind… But my boyfriend said “Why not make mini cakes?” I thought that was a very good plan and so I made cassette mini cakes 😀

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