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Biscoff Chocolate Cake
I made this cake for my birthday! It is a bit late‚Ķ but good things take time right? ūüėČ

Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake
I made this cake for my colleagues to celebrate my birthday at work.

Mojito Cupcakes
We had some friends over so I thought let’s bake something. And just when I was thinking of what to actually bake, CupcakeJemma came out with a Mojito cupcake recipe! 

Wedding Cake
A friend of mine got married today! And she asked me to make her cake, I of course, said YES!!! 

Prison Cake
I made a prison cake! That’s something you don’t hear every day haha XD I made this as a birthday cake, which was super fun and something different for sure!¬†

Sweet 16 Cake
Happy Birthday Bo!!! I hope that besides the lockdown you still have a nice birthday! My teacher asked me to make a cake for her daughters sweet 16.

New Year Cupcakes
Happy New Year everyone!!!! This year I wanted to bake something for the new year. I actually never done that so I didn’t really know what to make. But I thought it would be funny to make a clock.

Christmas Cupcakes
Merry Christams everyone!! I wanted to bake some cupcakes for Christmas agian ūüėÄ But didn’t want to make the same as last year.

21st Birthday Cake
Happy Birthday to my sister in law‚Äôs boyfriend!!!! He turns 21 today ūü•≥¬†
So my sister in law asked me to make his cake, and of course, I said yes, even if I didn’t really have the time haha XD

Harry Potter Unicorn Cake
It’s my birthday!!! Yes I’m that only 20+ year old still excited for her birthday haha.¬†So I wanted to make myself a birthday cake, and since I’m such a Potterhead I really wanted to make somehting Harry Potter themed.¬†

Partnership Cake
My sister and her boyfriend are registered partners now, Congratulations!! And of course I wanted to make her cake!

Stormtrooper Cake
Happy birthday to Jan!! I made this cake for my boss her boyfriend. Who really likes Star Wars so of course it is a Stormtrooper helmet!

The Body Shop Picnic Cake
WE WON!!!! Oké, let me explain XD I work at The Body Shop, and they organised a baking contest for all the stores in The Netherlands. So naturally, when I saw that there was a baking contest I told my colleagues that I would make the cake!

Stitch Cake
I made this cake for my sisters birthday. She really likes Stitch! And a week before her birthday I thought why not make a cake for her. This is finally an opportunity to bake a cake again xD

Ever since I got back from Sweden (I had an internship in Uppsala for half a year ūüėÄ ) I wanted to make this princess cake or princesst√•rta in Swedish.

Happy Easter!
I made this easter cake for a friend of mine, she wanted a quarantine easter birthday cake. So yeah why not?! haha

Tile Birthday Cake
Happy birthday to the niece of my boyfriend! She didn’t really know what she wanted her cake to look like, then she said she likes tiles,¬†sooo… this is what I made ūüėÄ

Biscoff cupcakes
I promised my boss I would bring cupcakes to work today. I also did so last week, but she forgot to eat them… So there was only one way to fix this problem, and that was to make more cupcakes!!

Merry Christmas!
This is a Christmas spiced cupcake, I made it for family. They wanted to have a lunch where everyone could bring what they liked. And let me tell you there was soooooo much fooooodhaha but all so delicious!

Pummel Einhorn cake
This was my birthday cake! I love Pummel Einhorn so much that I wanted to make it into a cake <3

R2D2 Cake
Happy birthday to my boyfriend! We both are big fans of Star Wars, so naturaly I had to make him a R2D2 cake. It was so much fun to make! This is actualy my first caractor cake, I think that for a first time I did quite well, if I may say so myself haha.

Big slice of cake
Yes… It is just a big slice of cake XD I mean for a birthday you just want a big cake right? So I made this one for my own birthday, it took some skills but I think I came there in the end.

Modeling Penguins and a Polar bear
I made this in a modeling workshop from CakeDutchess. This was so much fun!

Jungle First Birthday Cake
The Nephew of my boyfriend turned 1, and his mother asked me to make him a birthday cake that is jungle themed. She sent me so many pictures for inspiration, and this is what I came up with.

Watermelon Cake
In the summer there is nothing nicer than a big cold slice of watermelon. Although, if you cut a slice of this watermelon it is not that cold haha.

Rainbow Cake
To be honest… XD This was my second birthday cake this year¬†haha. My family came a week later than the party I threw for my friends. So it is probably no surprise that I made another cake¬†haha¬†of course!!

Happy Mothers Day!
When you like baking you just take every opportunity to have a good excuse to make a cake XD So yeah I had to make one for mothers day. She really liked it!

Buttercream Watercolour and Dripcake
I wanted to try 2 techniques in one, watercolour¬†with¬†buttercream¬†and the chocolate drip cake trend. For the¬†watercolour¬†part I think I did pretty well for a first time. But the chocolate drip was more difficult than I thought… XD

Strawberry Cupcakes
I wanted to bake¬†something¬†with strawberry’s,¬†then¬†I saw this recipe from CupcakeJemma and I really wanted to try it. So¬†i¬†did ūüėÄ And this was the result.

Motherboard Cake
Happy birthday to my boyfriend! He really likes computers, he games like a lot XD But he also¬†really¬†likes to build¬†pc‘s himself. I have the Nerdy¬†Nummies¬†cookbook, and this motherboard cake was in there so I really wanted to make it for him.

Marble Cake
This was a sort of a¬†first try at a marble cake. I made marble cakes when I first started decorating, but I didn’t really know what I was doing, and it never really looked good. So I learned some more and I wanted to try it again.

Harry Potter Chocolate Dipped Cookies
I really like Harry Potter, and then I came across these HP stamp cookie cutters. And the HP and bake fan I am, had to buy them of course XD And to top it of everything is better with chocolate so I dipped the bottom in chocolate, yum!

Cassette Mini Cakes
So I really wanted to bake something, but there wasn’t¬†an¬†occasion as well as people to eat it. So I thought never mind… But my boyfriend said “Why not make mini cakes?” I thought that was a very good plan and so I made cassette mini cakes ūüėÄ

Camo Cake
I had to try out some recipes for a bigger cake that I was gonna make for someone. And my boyfriend currently works with military people. Who really wanted to taste more of my bakes¬†haha. So I made them a¬†camo¬†cake ūüėÄ

Good Luck to all the 4Daagse Walkers!
At the moment there is something called the 4Daagse here in The Netherlands. It is just a giant festival in the city and it is so much fun! But it is actually people and soldiers who are walking 30, 40 or 50 km a day!

Double Birthday Cake
I made this cake for my 18 birthday and my moms 50 birthday. Since we are 13 days apart, when I was younger we celebrated our birthday together sometimes. So I wanted to make a double birthday cake. And for one of my first cakes and the first stacked cake I am quite proud of it ūüėÄ

Flower Cupcakes
I got some texture mats and cups specially made to form flowers in. And I wanted to try them out. This was the result ūüėÄ I learned that fondant takes a very long time to dry out haha. At that time I didn’t know that there were multiple kinds of fondant haha

Spring Flower Cake
This is one of my first fondant cakes. I got some supplies and directions from a baker friend of my mom. And when it was finished they also came and taste it. This was quite exiting but at the same time so much fun!