Chocolate Strawberry Cake

I made this cake for a game night with friends. Everyone always brings some food so I wanted to bake a cake this time 🙂 It was very yummy!

I started by baking 2 6″ chocolate cakes, whilst they were cooling down I made some vanilla buttercream. To some of the buttercream, I added some melted dark chocolate to taste, to make chocolate buttercream. And to another few spoonfuls of the vanilla buttercream, I added some (sifted) strawberry jam to make strawberry buttercream. Both are just for the decorations. 

When the vanilla buttercream was made and the cakes were completely cooled. I started to stack and fill the cake. First I cut the domes of the cakes and sliced them into 2 layers, so I had 4 layers of cake total. I started with some buttercream on the board and then put down the first layer of cake, added a very thin layer of buttercream on top and with a piping bag filled with the buttercream added a border so that the strawberries would stay inside. Then I spread some strawberry jam within the border and added some strawberries (cut in half) to fill the layer. I piped some more buttercream to fill the gaps to make the next layer stick better. Then added the second layer of cake, spread buttercream on top, and added some crispy chocolate brownie sprinkles. The third layer of cake could go on top and then I filled it with the strawberry filling again. And finally added the fourth layer of cake. I crumb-coated the cake with a thin layer of buttercream and let it set in the fridge.

Then it was time to decorate. When the buttercream was firmed up I started icing it with an obre of chocolate buttercream on the bottom and vanilla buttercream on top. When it looked the way I liked, I filled up two piping bags, one with strawberry buttercream and a small closed star tip and one with chocolate buttercream and a small open star tip. For the bottom of the cake, I piped a border with strawberry buttercream. I switched the tip to a bigger star tip for some fun piping on top. In between the strawberry rosettes I piped some smaller ones with the chocolate buttercream. Then to finish the cake I sprinkled some of the chocolate brownie sprinkles on top in the middle of the cake.

And that was the cake finished, I had a lot of fun making it. I also liked that I made a cake without any food colouring but it still had different colours. This was also my first try at making an ombre cake, wich was more difficult than I thought, but think I did quite a good job 🙂

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