Apple Pie Cake

I made this cake as a goodbye to my colleagues at my old job. They were pretty sad I wouldn’t make them cakes anymore 😅 

I got the idea and recipe for this cake from the ‘Layer Up!’ bake book by Yolanda Gampp. If you like making cakes like this, you would LOVE that book! 
This cake is made with quite some components, I baked spiced vanilla cake, pie circles, crumble, sauteed apples and made spiced Swiss meringue buttercream. And then stacked it all on top of each other to make the cake. 

Then I crumb coated the cake and let it all set in the fridge. For the decorating, I used a cake comb with little triangles to give the side of the cake a fun texture. Then to finish it off I added the crumble to the bottom and the top of the cake.

This cake was quite a lot to make, but it was all worth it! It tasted amazing! I really would make this again since it was so tasty!

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