Pummel Cake

This was my birthday cake! I love Pummel Einhorn so much that I wanted to make it into a cake Einhorn it is a German character made by Steffi Engel, she also makes more character for her glitterworld (as she calls it :D) It is seriously soo cute!!

I baked a vanilla cake and printed a template of the Pummel I wanted to make. I laid the template on the cake and cut around it with a serrated knife. Then I shaped it a bit more by cutting of little bits at a time. Then I crumb coated it in Swiss meringue buttercream. And chilled the cake. After the chilling I give it a last coat of buttercream.

For the decorations I covered the cake in white fondant. And made the horn out of modeling paste. The cookie, arms, hair, ears and face details I made out of fondant. In the horn and the ears I stuck some toothpicks in to hold them in place. I kept looking at the template to make sure the details were as the supposed to be and in the right place. Then I covered my cake board in brown fondant and made some cookies for a nicer background. (To be very honest with you guys I didn’t have enough fondant to cover the whole board with cookies, that was actually the plan… XD woops haha) And then my cake was finished 😀

I had so much fun making it! I really like Pummel and if you ask any of my friends they can confirm that I actually have a Pummel (in different kinds) in every room in my house haha. I mean it is so adorably why not?! XD

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