Rainbow Cake

To be honest… XD This was my second birthday cake this year haha. My family came a week later than the party I threw for my friends. So it is probably no surprise that I made another cake haha of course!!

Every baker has to make a rainbow cake right? Well I think so at least haha. It is actually quite easy, just make vanilla cake batter and divide it into different bowls and add some food colouring. Then comes the annoying part XD Because I don’t have 6 cake tins the same size I had to bake 2 colours at a time than let them cool and take them out the pan. I had to wash the 2 pans and butter them again and then I could make another 2 layers. So that took some time but looking at the end result that was more than worth it 😀

I decorated it with Swiss meringue buttercream, I folded some sprinkles through and iced the cake, and of course some more sprinkles on top 😀

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