Strawberry and White Chocolate Cake

I made this cake for my colleagues to celebrate my birthday at work. All of my colleagues go and buy a pie but of course, I wanted to make my own. They were really surprised haha, but they also really liked it.

For this cake I first made quite some strawberry jam, which is just boiling some strawberries with a little sugar till it becomes thicker and then letting it cool down. I used that jam first for the cake, I made vanilla batter and swirled the jam through it. I baked four 6″ cakes. When they were cooled the cake was quite sticky because of the jam 😅 Then I made the buttercream, I made Swiss meringue buttercream and added some melted white chocolate, I just mean… YUM!!! I stacked the cake by layering; cake, strawberry jam, buttercream and repeat. When the cake was stacked I crumb coated it with the buttercream, and when that was set (in the fridge) I iced it for the last time.

For the decorations I started by adding a bit of the jam to some buttercream I left vanilla and spread that around the bottom of the cake with my offset pallet knife and cake smoother. Then with some more of that buttercream, which I coloured redder with some food colouring, I added a smaller border for more of a pop. After that, it was time for the drip. I melted some white chocolate and let it cool down a bit so it wouldn’t melt my buttercream underneath. When it was cool enough but still liquid I poured it into a piping bag and started to drip it on the cake, and filled the top with it as well. For the last bit, I added some rosettes with the chocolate buttercream and the strawberry buttercream. And that is the cake finished.

I quite like how it turned out! With thanks to CupcakeJemma on YouTube for the recipe and idea, I changed their cake a little bit tho haha. The cake itself was really taste and I’m for sure gonna make that one more often.

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