(Princess Cake)

Ever since I got back from Sweden (I had an internship in Uppsala for half a year 😀 ) I wanted to make this princess cake or princesstårta in Swedish. The cake was first made by Jenny Åkerström, she was a teacher to the Swedish princesses Märtha, Margeretha and Astrid in the early 20th century. And this was their favourite cake, so they named the cake in honour of the Swedish princesses 🙂 I ate the cake in Sweden, and I really wanted to make it myself. So I went looking for a cookbook that had a recipe for it, but my Swedish is well…. bad XD So I also wanted it to be written in English. That was harder than it looked… Because for one in the store were most Swedish written books and most of them didn’t have the princesstårta in it… Almost at the end of my internship, I found it! It’s called ‘Swedish cookies and deserts’ by Malin Landqvist. I was so happy I found one, and it is also written by a Swede 😀 Because Swedish recipes from a non Swede is probably not right haha. So I found the book which was English but still Swedish, now I just had to make it. Which took way longer than it should have been… woops haha. But I finely made it and it was harder than I thought.

I baked the sponge cake than I made the vanilla filling (some version of creme patisserie with whipped cream folded through). I put a layer of cake on a board and spread on some vanilla filling, then another layer of cake, some strawberry jam, some more vanilla filling and the final layer of cake. Normally I would crumb coat it now for more structure and to make the final layer pretty (without crumbs). But since it is a mainly whipped cream filling I didn’t know if it would work that well, but I did in anyway because I just hoped that it would help haha. I let it sit in de fridge for about 30 minutes, and as expected it didn’t really firm up… So then I dolloped the remaining vanilla filling on top to make the dome and put in back into the fridge and hoped for the best XD. When it was chilling I started on the decorations. 

Normally I work with fondant, but this cake is made with marzipan which if you don’t know is waaaaayyyy stickier XD I basically covered my tabletop with a thin layer of marzipan when I was done haha. But anyway I coloured my marzipan pink and rolled it out. When I was done with that I took the cake out of the fridge, the vanilla filling was of course soft because that doesn’t set the way buttercream does… So I was a bit nervous to layer the marzipan overtop, I was afraid it would squeeze al the filling out. Well it didn’t but it was a challenge non the less XD So I put it right back in the fridge so the marzipan can firm up a bid and stay in the shape. Then I made some roses and leaves out of the marzipan and stuck them on to the cake. And to finish it off I dusted it with some powdered sugar. 

For the next time I might add a bit more gelatine to the vanilla filling, so it will hopefully stay better in place XD But I had fun making it and it tasted nice 🙂 No Swedes actually ate my cake so I can’t confirm if it is close to the real one… But I think it looks like it 🙂

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