Mothers Day Cake

When you like baking you just take every opportunity to have a good excuse to make a cake XD So yeah I had to make one for mothers day. She really liked it!

I baked a chiffon cake, the recipe I got from the cookbook Baking All Year Round by Rosanna PansinoThan I made some Swiss meringue buttercream and sliced strawberries in half. I added a layer of buttercream on one cake and put the strawberries on top. Then I put some more buttercream over it to encase the strawberries. Then I laid the other cake on top crumb coated it and covered it with pink and white marbled fondant. I had some buttercream left so I coloured a bit and piped it around as a border. And the lettering is done with Sweet Stamp by AmyCakes. They have a lot of different fonds and they are all so cute. They make an indent in the fondant and then I painted it with some edible gold paint. I wanted to use them because I went to a baking convention with my mum, and she gave me them as a present.

And that is the cake done 😀 It was just a fun quick cake to make, and still delicious haha.

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