4Daagse Flag Cookies

At the moment there is something called the 4Daagse here in The Netherlands. It is just a giant festival in the city and it is so much fun! But it is actually people and soldiers who are walking 30, 40 or 50 km a day! That is just crazy in my opinion, but such an accomplishment! Al along the route the walk are people supporting them. And in the city self there are stages everywhere and almost every stage has a different genre of music. Famous people come to perform, but there are also lesser known musicians, it is so much fun! And there are also food trucks, so food, music and everyone is in a good mood, what more would you want! XD If you are ever in the area in the beginning of summer I really recommend you come and check it out!

For the cookies itself tho I baked sugar cookies and decorated them with white chocolate coloured green and orange. Maybe I could have thinned the chocolate a bit down to have a smoother finish, but they are quite cute anyway. I’m just not very good at decorating cookies XD 

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